Sivanthi Aditanar College was established by Thenkumari Educational Society in 1984 as the first self-financing institution in Kanyakumari District,TamilNadu. This college is situated at a distance of 6 kms from Nagercoil. This institution stands as a tribute to Dr. B. SIVANTHI ADITANAR, a top brass in journalism, education, industry,politics and the world of sports and games.

We are indebted to the philanthropists around the college who donated their valuable lands to build this college. This college caters the need of the poor and the downtrodden people of this area with care and affection. The college has been producing many first-generation graduates for more than 23 years.

The primary aim of this college is to impart a value based education to the poor and the marginalised rural people. Besides the academic education our college aims at developing multi skills of the students including the spiritual enlightenment. Apart from this a disciplinary atmosphere is maintained.

The college runs with UG degrees such as Economics, History, Commerce, Zoology, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science as well as the PG degrees in MicroBiology, Maths, Physics, M.Com and M.C.A with adequate lab, library and internet facilities.

Our students are placed in various jobs in India as well as abroad. The college has been maintaining academic standard and serves as a light house for the poor and the downtrodden.